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We transform mainstream companies and fast track sector start-ups to become agile, smart and future-ready. 

The world is changing. Businesses need to adapt and transform to ensure they remain relevant and grow in this new world. What does that look like for you? How can you adapt your existing model to seize the opportunity that is the Sharing Economy? What are the key principles and best practice?

This is where we come in. In a fast changing world that risks you being left behind, The People Who Share’s business transformation expertise makes sure you remain relevant and successful. With the Sharing Economy fast becoming ‘The Economy’, let us be your guide on this journey into the Future of Life.


This is your moment

Led by Sharing Economy expert, Benita Matofska, and renowned business advisor, Clare Kandola, The People Who Share works with a network of innovation and Sharing Economy specialists to help you succeed in this dynamic and exciting sector.

From start-ups, and fast-growing businesses, to large corporates, charities and public bodies – we provide the support, insight, and networks that harness the power of sharing, so you can thrive in the Sharing Economy.

Don’t get left behind. Our portfolio of services will make sure your participation in the Sharing Economy is successful:


Consultancy – The Sharing Economy is a maze. We deliver bespoke knowhow to navigate market entry and commercial development

Branding – From defining and implementing your brand strategy, to visual storytelling, and articulating your own brand language

Events – Sharing Economy dinners, breakfast briefings and hosted events designed to build presence and networks that deliver results

Knowledge – Masterclasses and workshops to fast track sector knowledge, practical tools and thought leadership credentials

Network – Partner introductions and network development

Insight – Research, reports and market intelligence

Voice – Marketing, communications, and PR

Spring Clean – Sharing audit to analyse potential of idle assets


The Sharing Economy is here to stay. With our help, you can brave this exciting new world – be savvy and maximise your potential in the Future of Life.



What is the Sharing Economy
What is the Sharing Economy?