10 Fun and weird things you can share

March 15th, 2016
by The People Who Share

If you thought sharing things with your neighbours stopped at a cup of sugar, then you have another thing coming. We’re in the age where you can get your mitts on anything you ruddy well want to through the Sharing Economy, and a good thing to. 

Lend, borrow, swap, we break down the 10 weirdest and funniest things you can share... all of course saving some extra pennies too!

A fun and interactive app that allows you to buy and sell second hand goods, Bandy takes you out of the limits of eBay, Gumtree or similar and right into the world of free exchanges. The only currency you really need is ‘other stuff’. 

Nevermind AirBnB, our friends across the pond in New Orleans are bringing toilet sharing to the people with AirPnP so you need never face the dreaded horror of public lavatories.

Need to get your Beyonce on 9-5, 5-9, then clothes swapping is how to get it in the bag! Rent and exchange everything from dresses to heels with the fashionistas at Rent The Runway, Thredup and Rentez-Vous

Feline a little lonely? (sorry, we had to go there). Then lucky for you pet-sharing and sitting is all the rage now. Check out the woof-tastic guys at BorrowMyDoggy, Trusted HouseSitters, Holidog and DogVacay to connect with fellow pet-lovers in your local community. 

Got the hottest stubs in town but can’t go? Swap or resell those bad boys on sites like Scarlet Mist or Stub Hub and help out a fellow mosh pit lover or Belieber. 

Bringing property ownership back into view, especially for millennials, is Share A Mortgage. Winning the prize for the most beautifully obvious name, Share A Mortgage lets you  pool together finance with up to 4 people to get your foot on the property ladder.

Jetting away and want to live the ultimate local experience? Then familiarise yourself with sites like Trip4Real and Project Expedition who offer unique tours, activities and all round cool things to do in the hottest cities around the world. 

Bringing the musical funk to your living room, Sofa Concerts offer you the chance to share your space with up-and-coming artists and music lovers alike for secret gigs and intimate concerts.  

Give your leftover grub a home with the foodies at OLIO. Taking in everything from your mum’s special recipe lasagne to leftover desserts, simply list it on the app and wait for it to get scooped up by someone in your local area. 

Got more food to spare and consider yourself quite the culinary whizz, then why not sign up to become a supper club host? With tons of foodie communities like VizEat, Grub Club, Bon Appetour, Tabl and more, this is the time to make your cooking skills shine. 

Break away from the woes of public transport by renting out your next set of wheels. Whether it’s bikes with Spinlister, a four-wheel drive with ZipCar or a ride-share with BlaBlaCar, this is the new way to get around town.