7 + 1 Reasons You're Missing Out

June 19th, 2015
by The People Who Share

Here at Compare and Share, we're determined to open up the Sharing Economy for everyone and make sharing easy, quick and approachable. Did you know that there are over £3.5 trillion worth of goods going used globally? *Pause for dramatic effect* We believe that everyone should get their hands on a slice of the goods and we’re here to make sure that is exactly what happens!

With users in over 195 cities, the Compare and Share community is growing. Fast. Joining our community is really simple and free - here are some of the reasons why you’ll want to join us:

1. Money-saving deals. We do all – and we do mean all - the hard work of searching thousands of #SharingEconomy accommodation and transport deals so you don’t have to, saving you time and money. Meaning you can spend more time thinking of all the cool things you're going to do on holiday! 

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2Exclusive Invites & Parties. Members are automatically included in draws for exclusive invites to Sharing Economy events that we have tickets to. Can you say 'guest list'?

3Cool stuff. You’ll have access to loads of tips and travel insights – check out our latest segment – to maximise your experience while you’re exploring the world :)

4. Unique experiences. Avoid all the tourist traps with us and you’ll discover all the fun stuff you can do through the Sharing Economy: meet new people through car sharing, hang out with locals as they take you to all the hidden gems in the city and enjoy access to many other unique experiences. 

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5Make money. Make some extra cash by sharing your time with us!

6. Partner offers. Our partners and affiliates often give us vouchers for deals on their websites to share with our community. Only possible if you book through us, and being a member gives you access.

7. Collect sharer points. Every time you do something on Compare and Share, you will earn points towards achievements...and get rewards. 

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8Save your favourites. Have a favourite villa in Portugal? Luxury apartment in New York? Or perhaps it's your preferred Brighton to London ride share? Save them and share them simply as a member so everyone can share in all the awesomeness.

And this is just a snap-shot of all the great benefits you will get once you sign-up to the Compare and Share community. For everything #SharingEconomy, especially accommodation and travel, we will help you save time and money in just one click – easy, free and fun, so isn’t it time you got involved too?

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