7 Top Saving Ways To Make The Most Of Your Money

October 27th, 2015
by The People Who Share

Whether it’s a last minute city weekend break or somewhere more exotic, there really isn’t an excuse not to book that special time away today. That is unless you’re not sure you’ve got the funds - eek! Check out our 7 top tips on how to make the most of your money to truly jet away in style!

Don’t forget, at It's All Share we do all the hard work of searching and comparing thousands of travel experiences: accommodation rentals, food and transport so you don’t have to. Thus, saving you money and time for you to enjoy doing...whatever it is you like doing! :)

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1. Go local: By using local markets and bistros for food, you can experience and enjoy some great affordable dishes. Why not take it a step further by popping off to a local meal share? Promising a plethora of delights for those in search of a culinary and social adventure - they can even work out to be cheaper than a restaurant 3-course meal!

2. Be flexible and book early: Accommodation can be really expensive the closer you book to key dates like public holidays and sports events. Try and book your holiday letting as early as you can to enjoy better savings - as much as 50% cheaper than that of a hotel room during the same period.

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3. Go on a city tour: Not only a great way to meet other locals and travellers, familiarise yourself with your surroundings and discover secret haunts, some tours they may even  offer free snacks!

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4. ‘Baby you can ride my car’: Don’t be afraid to hop into a rideshare with locals to save those extra pennies. Helping not only the planet but your wallet too, we also offer discounts up to £100 when you join our community. You can also rent a bike from a local as another way to save on transport costs & explore your chosen holiday spot.

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5.  Share your spare: If you’re jetting off on holiday, why not rent out your space to other travellers. Getting started is easy and the total cost - up to £10,000 per year - may even help cover your time away plus other cool stuff! You can also get rid of your unused goods to make some extra cash, clothing to technology.

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6. Make friends: Group discounts including student may not always be advertised but they may offer it if you ask. Pooling together with friends, even new ones, will ensure the laughter and savings never stop.


7. Get adventurous: Hit the waves, road or slopes on the cheap by sharing sports goods or joining a running community that get fit whilst doing good.

8. Sign up with It's All Share: Connecting you with everything you like: holiday accommodation, delicious instagram-worthy food, transport deals and more, we offer you a comprehensive money-saving site jam-packed with experiences. Register now to get in on all the savings (It’s free!).

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