9 Easy Hacks To Make Money From Your Home

August 20th, 2015
by The People Who Share

Money, money, money. Must be funny….
Come to think of it, it’s not. Especially when it comes to our home, sweet home. Most people forget just how easy it is to make money from their home with the Sharing Economy on simple things like food and transport. Lucky for you, we have a few suggestions on how to make some extra cash that don’t even involve having to sell your lovely abode. <PHEW>

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Renting Out Your Storage Space
Don’t feel like downsizing and have enough room to swing a cat…or five?  You can register your space online and have it pay for itself with Storemates.

Nom, Nom, Get In My Tum
Calling all foodies! Take your hosting to new levels by throwing a supper club or pop-up restaurant in your home. You’ll need passion, great service and an instagram-worthy menu, but this will pale in comparison to the rush (and money) you’ll get from doing something you love.  We recommend sites like EatWith and Tabl.

Rent Out Your Spare Room or Home
Have some snazzy digs? Get that listed, dude! By posting your empty room on house sharing sites like SpareRoom, Roomorama or even HouseTrip, you can start earning yourself a nice bit of cash – up to £4,250 a year tax free!

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Calling All Hoarders
Now, we’re not naming any names here but you know who you are.
By getting rid of all that clutter - sorry unused treasures (!) - you can start freeing up space and even…wait for it…earn a few pennies in the process. You may not become a millionaire over night but you will certainly be all the better for it. Start with sites like eBay, Music Magpie or Preloved.co.uk to send those goodies to a new home.

Who’s a good boy?
Have experience looking after pets? Think you can teach Ace Ventura a thing or two? Then pet boarding may be the thing for you. There are sites like TrustedHouseSitters and DogBuddy where you can register to look after someone’s pet for a few days whilst they go to work or even on holiday

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Free, Free, FREE!
From entering competitions to taking surveys, even cashback sites, there are plenty of ways to earn money online. Happen to have extra pounds lying round? You could borrow it to someone via peer-to-peer lending initiatives.

Baby, you can ride my car…
Cheaper and better for the environment, car/ride sharing (also known as car pooling) allows you to partner with others taking similar journeys saving you not only money but time. Also a great way to meet new people, you might even find the perfect fellows to belt out those cheesy 80’s classics in the morning.

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Rent out Your Stuff
Not using that drill, power washer or blender which was gifted to you last Xmas by your (insert: loving) family? Instead of it gathering dust in your home, give it a new lease of life by renting it out to someone who needs it more. Paying a small fee, people in your local area can apply to borrow them occasionally using sites like Rent My Items.

Homemade Goodies
Know your beeswax from your soy wax? You could earn extra cash selling your homemade goodies from your home as a hobby, and maybe even start a business from it. Pfft, Lush who?

So whether it’s cash, dough, moola or shillings, you’re now on your way to some serious savings.

What other ways do you save money in your home. Share your tips with us on Twitter and Facebook.

Top image from GoCompare.com