9 Great Ways to Rediscover Your Love For Food

October 20th, 2015
by The People Who Share

As we all know, nothing comes close to the joys of travelling more than food. Promising a plethora of delights, it’s the discovery of local culinary wonders that can take you from tourist to citizen of the world all in one bite.

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But most of the time, finding the best places to enjoy such wonders can be nothing short of a chore! Which is why we’ve launched food as part of our sharing community - yay! Available in over 200+ cities worldwide, enjoying delectable meal sharing cuisines with locals in homes (or in some cases, renovated subway carriages?!) from Ghana to New York right through to Barcelona is where those who relish culinary flair will find their most memorable adventure yet. But what if you’re not jetting off, I hear you cry? Well, you can still enjoy the delights of sharing delicious food right in your home town with our chosen food partners.

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So if you’re a curious diner looking  to whet your appetite in unique settings and voyage on a culinary and social adventure, we challenge you to make your way through our top 9 meal sharing communities where everything from stories to new friends await. The only thing left to do is grab a fork and tuck in!

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1. Grub Club

In the London, UK, area? Check out GrubClub for the opportunity to dine in with other foodies. Whether renovated train carriage, abandoned church or simply the plant-tastic Hoxton gardens, there are culinary experiences to meet every budget and desire. 

2. Tabl

An alluring world of socialising, secret adventures and food, Tabl gives power to aspiring home cooks hoping to experiment and entertain with their culinary skills.

Operating in London and the South East of the UK, Tabl’s fantastic dining parties take place often in private residences and offer unique shared and social dining experiences. N.B: You can also BYOB.

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Grub Club/Facebook

3. EatWith

Experience the real cooking deal by checking out EatWith. One of the few places where you can book a once-in-a-lifetime experience by having seat at a chef’s table, featured chefs are available in over 150+ cities around the world from Israel to Barcelona.

4. TableCrowd
Take your business networking to new heights with Table Crowd. Dine with high calibre entrepreneurs, innovators and business professionals alike over delicious meals to create partnerships and new network opportunities.

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5. Bon Appetour
Explore unique home restaurants and feast on hearty, authentic food with other travellers. Be it a cosy dinner on a rooftop in Rome or a paella class in Barcelona, you can indulge yourself into a fun dining experience with Bon Appetour.

6. Feastly

Currently available in the Washington D.C, New York and San Francisco areas, Feastly offers diners the ultimate chef-to-chef experience. With the ethos that ‘life is more delicious when shared’, Feastly allows amateur through to professional passionate chefs to invite ‘feasters” (read: foodies) into their homes to unlock diverse, delicious food you won't find anywhere else. Expandable pants are definitely recommended.  

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EatWith/ Google 

7. VizEat

Be you master chef or novice in the kitchen, if you’re a lover of meeting new people and traveller at heart, VizEat is the community for you. With 20,000+ users worldwide, VizEat brings travellers and local hosts together in the kitchen and offers you the chance to enjoy dishes as you’re always meant to - with love!

?8. Voulez-Vous Diner
A marketplace for booking home dinners, VoulezVous Diner allows you to compare prices for hundreds of dinner tables worldwide – simply, a great platform to discover new places and meet other foodies from San Francisco to St Petersburg.

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9. Share Your Meal
Sometimes you just don’t feel like cooking and that’s where the guys at Share Your Meal come in! Inspired by the power of bringing neighbourhoods together and making them more sustainable and social through the act of food sharing and waste reduction, Share Your Meal simply allows you to check out what your neighbours are rustling up and tag along!

Don’t forget that you may have to make an advanced booking for most of these clubs but it is definitely worth it for the amazing stories and people you’re sure to meet! Heck, maybe we’ll see you on the other side of the table sometime. ?

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Got all that? Then head to our food page to get started and register for cool exclusive member discounts that will save you pennies wherever you are in the world.

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