Autumn & Winter Breaks: 13 spots to visit

October 7th, 2015
by The People Who Share

Autumn, better yet winter is undeniably the best time of the year. Full stop. Chunky, warm clothing; falling leaves; the orgasmic feeling of sipping on hot chocolate; thanksgiving; Halloween and more. 

It’s also the time when treating yourself to a quick weekend break feels more like a necessity than a luxury. To help you get the most out of the season, we’ve rounded up the best destinations to put on your bucket list, Paris to Bath. So, grab your jumpers and scarves, pack a weekend bag and let the journey begin. 

The Cotswolds

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Jam packed with luxurious views, charming pubs with open fires and cosy stays, the Costwolds is undeniably one of the loveliest places in the UK.  Designated as an ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’, its quintessentially English and everything you’ll want and more in a quick weekend break.

Lake District

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For those who love their autumn winter breaks green and all things countryside, Lake Windermere is the place to be. Boasting glittery ribbon lakes, rugged hilltops and traditional pubs and inns, the Lake District is awash with opportunities – both inside and out – to stir the wildest of imaginations. 


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Once, twice, three times a beauty! Regardless of how many times you visit Edinburgh, there is always something new to experience and see. With its fabulous views, shops and museums, a trip to Scotland’s capital shouldn’t be missed.


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By far the coolest kid in the Nordic scene, Copenhagen is one of the top spots to fawn over when it comes to all things scenic, culinary and fashion.  A surprisingly compact city, Copenhagen offers a seamless experience for those in search of activities to do – inside and out.


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Whether a romantic getaway or a week long exploration, Paris is one of Europe’s most popular destinations for a reason. Venture through the maze of historical landmarks – Moulin Rouge, Versailles, Lourve – or simply spend your time away strolling down the seine stopping off at the chic cafes and boutiques.


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With its tranquil landscape, beautiful spas and famous tearoom, Bath is the perfect place for those seeking all things romantic with historical sights thrown in.  Top tip: take a stroll around Bath Abby and the beautiful Royal Crescent.


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For those who don’t do blustery breaks, supersize your life - and holiday - by heading to the sizzling spot of Dubai. Fast-paced, ultramodern and luxurious, Dubai is a spot for those who love the finer things in life.


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An hour away from the capital, the Gauja Valley makes for a spectacular sight once autumn descends. Framed by trees turned red and gold, head through the valleys to the fairy-tale that is the Turaida castle to immerse yourself into the awe-inspiring views.

The New Forest

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Crisp winter walks, cosy home away from stays, and comfy pubs get no better than those found in New Forest. Wrap up warm and stroll through the picturesque villages, where chances to explore and relax are plentiful. Simply put, New Forest is a wonderful place to visit – we love it!


Glazed by blue skies and tingles of the soft warm sun, autumn is the perfect season to visit Japan.  A lovely time for hiking, head to the mountainous highland that is Kamik?chi to experience some of the most spectacular scenic views, various wildlife – monkeys to wild birds - and colourful foliage. 


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Few cities can exude the sheer romance that is encapsulated within Venice. Astoundingly beautiful in winter, the atmospheric mists and lights alone will take you off the guidebook-approved paths and into your own zone of wandering all the secret delights the city has to offer. If you’re going in December, don’t forget to pack a pair of wellies as Venice is prone to flooding – eek!

Andalucia, Spain

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If you’re still longing for some winter sun, the days in Andalucia are fantastically warm, often tipping towards the low 30s. Though the beach may be calling, don’t miss the chance to explore the wooded valleys, whitewashed villages and market town of Aracena. A cultural marinade of Christianity and North African Islamic influence, the cuisine and postcard-worthy scenery are just a few reasons for its crowning glory as a must-visit destination.

Dahab, Egypt

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With exotically high temperatures – up to the mid 30s, even at night – Dahab is infamous for its diving and windsurfing. Approximately 100km from Sharm el-Sheikh, Dahab’s hippy, laid-back vibe is a prime spot for those travelling independently. 

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