BlackBox Connect: Our first week!

December 22nd, 2014
by The People Who Share

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It's All Share founders Benita Matofska and Nick Tong have been at BlackBox Connect in San Francisco for a week now. So what have they been up to? Let’s hear it from Benita herself:


So we’re staying at the Cowper Inn, which we have all come to know as the Blackbox Inn - and it’s just a great group of people from around the world, including some Sharing Economy friends from Carpool Arabia!

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Things are quite busy here, in a very good way. We’ve had a lineup of top speakers. Adam Cheyer -  the founder of Siri - told us his amazing story of how he worked on it for 15 years, released into the app store and got a call from Steve Jobs who tracked him down and ultimately, as we all know, Apple bought it. 

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Obi Felton - Director of GoogleX - is in charge of the team responsible for all sorts of incredible projects. She told us the story behind the self driving cars, Google Glass, and Project Loon - sending balloons up in the sky to provide continuous wifi around the world. Quite inspirational!

We’ve all been working very hard on the pitch and investment side of things with Bill Joos, a veteran of the startup world who’s really putting us through our paces in preparation for the final investor pitch that takes place on Friday the 10th. We’ve also had a pitch at an Astia Venture Lunch here in Silicon Valley, which sparked a lot of interest from those present.

We do have lots of fun as well; the other day we were given a challenge: we had to talk to as many founders as possible, the winner took home a prize… I won a big hug for my efforts! I think meeting the founders of the bar and the whiskey being served was what ultimately won me the prize.


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I think it’s clear I'm loving it here. I love the energy and all the people really pushing things to the edge who are developing all kinds of stuff that to me sounds right out of a sci-fi movie!

I’ll report back with more as soon as I have the time, but definitely check out my tweets (and Nicks) for live updates and photos about #bbconnect.

Thanks Benita for sharing your Silicon Valley experience so far with all of us. 

Until next update, Sharers!