The Car Club Revolution

December 22nd, 2014
by The People Who Share

Did you know that for every car club car, at least 14 personally-owned cars are taken off the road?

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You may be well aware how car clubs provide a low cost and convenient alternative to car ownership in cities, but did you know they’re doing their bit to tackle the increasing issue of congestion and pollution in urban environments, too? Here’s a few other interesting facts about car clubs from our friends over at Zipcar.

  • For every car club car, at least 14 personally-owned cars are taken off the road
  • Current on-street parking demands in London could fill the borough of Southwark
  • Car club members’ carbon footprint is less than half that of the average driving licence holder
  • Car club users drive seven times fewer short trips (less than 5 miles) than car owners
  • Car club members reduce peak time road congestion by commuting by public transport and driving off-peak

For more insight into how car clubs are helping city-dwellers drive less, take a look at the Car Lite report, commissioned by Zipcar.

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Do you want to experience how car clubs are helping us move from burdensome car ownership to the freedom of on-demand car access, then you're in luck!

It's All  Share followers can get a whopping £50 free driving credit when they join Zipcar (annual membership is £59.50) by 30th April 2014. But if your business could benefit from the savings afforded by an on-demand pay-as-you-drive fleet, then a Zipcar for Business account could be the way forward. Join Zipcar for Business before 30th April 2014 and we’ll even waive the first year’s account fee (saving £99 exc. VAT) and give you a free two-hour test drive. Just click here to join Zipcar or here for Zipcar for Business.

Not familiar with Zipcar? Let us tell you a bit about them.

It’s been ten years since Zipcar UK first started offering on-street cars by the hour to Londoners. Now as the UK’s largest pay-as-you-drive car club Zipcar offers members access to over 1,500 cars and vans parked near you by the hour. Zipcar even includes fuel, insurance and the Congestion Charge, so you only pay for the time you need, with the average member saving around £3,000 annually compared to car ownership. Zipcars are parked throughout London, Bristol, Oxford and Cambridge, as well as across Europe and North America.


Thanks to Zipcar for the exclusive offer for our followers and the insights on Car Clubs.