Desk Rental: The Sharing Economy in the workplace

March 14th, 2016
by The People Who Share

While Airbnb and Uber are making waves in their respective sectors, the same has also been happening in the office space field; the rise of the shared office has helped change the landscape of commercial real estate for small businesses. What’s it all about and why should you rent out those spare desks? Peter Ames from Office Genie, the UK’s first deskspace marketplace, answers these questions.
The what
Got some spare desks in your office? Well, don’t let them go to waste and rent them out to startups and freelancers. We designed Office Genie to solve this problem in our very own offices
Now there are thousands of desks available in shared offices and specifically-designed desk rental schemes all across the country. They provide a great alternative to serviced or traditional office space.

The why
So, why should you rent out those empty desks in the corner of your office? Well the first and (arguably) most important reason is the revenue they could bring in: Four spare desks rented out for a year could bring in over £10,000.

Then there’s the potential for collaboration. Desk renters may be able to provide you some the skills, expertise or even a product that could benefit you and your company. Even if you don’t end up working together, new faces tend to bring a bit of freshness and energy to the office.

The legal bit
Companies that tap into the shared economy have been under the spotlight recently with regards to the regulatory issues arising from the increased use of their services. So, we firmly recommend a number of steps to help ensure there are no such issues when renting out your spare desks:

First, always check with your landlord
It’s always good practise to create a letter of agreement to be signed by both parties, covering things such as notice periods. If you’d liked to read a little more about the legal issues, check out Office Genie’s in-depth guide.
Of course, as well as all these issues, do be aware of the downsides. These predominantly centre around security: you will have non-company members having access to your building and indeed your network so you’d have to be OK with this.

Of course, we feel these are outweighed by the many upsides of desk rental, and wholeheartedly encourage businesses to get sharing!