Five Things You Can Share Right Now!

March 30th, 2015
by The People Who Share

We often think about the Sharing Economy in terms of sharing accommodation or rides and cars, but with over 7500 businesses and counting, the Sharing Economy is so much more. 

Here are five things you could Share right now - or benefit from someone that is sharing them! For even more sharing opportunities check our Sharing Economy Directory and Share Your Spare pages.

What have you shared through the Sharing Economy? Let us know on Twitter!

Happy Sharing Everyone!

Cool Art 

Share cool art

Sharing and swapping art, or swapping art for something else is a great idea. Here are three awesome resources Lets Swap ItThe Art Swap and ATCs for All - ATC specialise in Artist Trading Cards.


Share lunch

Or dinner really! There’s a whole bunch of meal sharing opportunities through the sharing economy, here’s just four to get you started: Tabl, Table Crowd, VizEat and Meal Sharing

Those Tools

Share tools

You know the ones that seem to mostly sit in your toolbox, remember them? Why not share them with your neighbours via Streetbank, Ecomodo and Rent My Items.


Share fluffy

Fluffy has a whole extended, loving family just waiting for him when you go on Holiday! Woof it to BorrowMyDoggy to find Fluffy an aunt or uncle! And if you're heading on holiday leave your pets in safe hands with TrustedHouseSitters.

Your Handiness

share your handiness

If you’re the handy type, Task Rabbit, TaskHub and Sooqini has plenty of people looking just for you. Or if you’re all thumbs, well, these sites are there for you as well.