Future of Life

January 28th, 2018
by The People Who Share

Well, here we are in the future – January is nearly done, and 2017 seems a long time ago. If last year was about The Future of Work and how the Sharing and Mainstream Economies moved closer together united by changing working practices, then 2018 is when all areas of our lives are touched by the Sharing Economy. Because the Sharing Economy is no longer moving mainstream. It IS the mainstream. 


We call it The Future of Life - and it’s our all-encompassing theme for 2018, summing up how the Sharing Economy impacts all aspects of our lives and society: cities, mobility, business, food, fashion, families, housing, travel, culture, shopping, health, well-being, education, entertainment.... and work. There isn't an area of life that isn't touched by the Sharing Economy – or where innovative and exciting Sharing services, platforms and processes aren't emerging. 


Each month we'll be exploring a different angle of The Future Of Life, taking a topic and getting to grips with how the Sharing Economy is impacting that particular area. We’ll also be looking at the opportunities and challenges it presents, the key names and services in the space – and how you too can embrace Sharing in your life. 


Most excitingly, we’re launching a series of Sharing Superstars to showcase the very best examples of

Sharing services, projects and businesses from around the world. We spent a lot of 2017 on the road

learning about Sharing Economy initiatives in cities as far and wide as Amsterdam, Jakarta, Cape Town,

Barcelona and Mumbai and now we want to Share our findings. Expect case studies, tips and guidance

about how to launch and build the very best Sharing Economy services wherever you are. 


The Future starts here:

* Visit The People Who Share’s website as a first port of call to dive into the current Future of Life topic. 

* Keep an eye out for events we’ll be hosting, meet-ups and related content through our various social

media channels. And follow the action at #FutureOfLife #SharingEconomy.

* Catch The People Who Share content, reports and research on our partners'' websites as we continue

with our mission to inform and educate about how to participate and get Sharing. 

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We’re also expanding our consultancy to support businesses wanting to grow and succeed across the

Sharing Economy. So, whether you’re a start-up platform or a fast-growth business, a charity or

municipality, a social enterprise or a mainstream corporation wanting to innovate in the sector, we’re here to guide you through this new territory. 


It’s exciting and satisfying to be living in the future that we predicted back in 2011, when we first embarked on The People Who Share journey. It’s always been our mission to drive participation in, and knowledge about the Sharing Economy. Now, to find ourselves living in a world where Sharing touches all areas of our lives fills us with anticipation, and hope.


The Future of Life is here. Let us help you make the most of it.