Generation Share: Have you met Alex?

February 9th, 2015
by The People Who Share

The Sharing Economy is growing by leaps and bounds, but who is driving it? Who are the people that are making the Sharing Economy happen and fuelling its fire? We like to call them Generation Share and they’re Smart, Savvy and oh so very Social.

Let’s meet one of them!

Alex is 28 years old, has a college degree and is working on her masters. She has a job, but is mostly busy drawing up plans for her own startup: she has this idea for a tech product that would make life easier for people and support a good cause at the same time, and is very keen to make it happen. Alex is particularly interested in projects that allow people more freedom to do things the way they want at a cost they can afford, and she herself makes use of existing platforms to learn new skills, or offer her own to earn some extra cash. Alex finds most of what she needs online - when she needs it - and isn't fussed about owning something, after all why own a car with all the financial hassle it comes with it when you can now easily have one at your disposal at any time? 

If you asked Alex how she makes her decisions and what influences her choices, the answer would be a resounding: “I trust my friends more than anyone.” 

Do you know someone like this?
You probably do - there’s a good chance you are yourself Alex! Generation Share is a substantial subset of the Millennials - also known as Generation Y - who are coming into their own and changing the way the world works in a number of ways, one of them is by making Sharing the new Shopping.


If you enjoyed meeting Alex, here’s some data from our own research you might find useful in understanding Generation Share:

25-34 year olds, open minded, tech savvy
30% use Sharing services to save money
34% of the population who are driving the Sharing Economy
40% use Sharing services to earn income or learn new skill
50% try products that support good causes
57% say they can find anything they need  to rent or borrow online
73% say the Sharing Economy is important to them 
74% say technology makes life easier

For additional insights, check out this video featuring Benita Matofska - our Chief Sharer and the person that coined the term 'Generation Share' - talk about Generation Share at the 2014 Digital Marketing Show.



At It's All Share we built our platform to help Alex and all the others like her. If you’d like to support the Sharing Economy in this exciting time and help us grow it further so everyone can benefit from it then take a look at our Crowdcube pitch and share it with your friends and family. 

Till next time Sharers!