How to save £1,763.81 by Car Sharing

December 15th, 2014
by The People Who Share

The sight of an exorbitant water bill will without a doubt ruin your entire day, but it can also hamper your plans for the month or even the year. That festival you were planning on going to…Well you're not going anymore. Or what about that weekend away in Barcelona? Nope.

Thankfully there is a way of soothing this rather painful reality…Car sharing.

Car what? For those of you who don't know; car sharing or ride sharing as it's also known, gives you the ability to hook up to an online network and list a journey that you're going to make in your car. People on the network will then be able to see your listing and share your ride at a fee set by you. There are plenty of sites out there at the moment like BlarBlarCarCarpooling and Liftshare which offer these services.

Sounds simple, but why am I now waving goodbye to my household bills? Well, let's say you own a 1.4 litre petrol car and you make a 30 mile commute to work 5 times a week there and back, with fuel at a cost of around £1.35 per litre. By sharing your daily commute with one other person you could make an annual saving of £1,763.81.

So there you have it, instead of pulling your hair out, you'll be letting your hair down on a beach in Barcelona. This might all sound too good to be true, but it really isn't, car sharing is booming in this country and it's already proven to be hugely successful in Ireland, other parts of Europe and America.

Start your car sharing adventure with Compare and Share. It consolidates all of the available listings from different car sharing websites, so you can easily find the ride you're looking for. Happy sharing!