Introducing It's All Share

February 8th, 2016
by The People Who Share

Would you like to discover a site that helps you find all the best ways to share? the right answer is yes. Yes you would. 

But first, for those who don’t know or are wondering - what the heck is sharing? let us give you the lowdown. Sharing essentially is, and could be the best darn life hack you’ve ever known - we’re talking ultimate swiss army knife meets Jean-Claude Van Damme finesse - type of awesomeness. Swapping, borrowing, lending or even giving it away, sharing allows you to spice up your every day life (from food, pets, clothes, homes to mortgages) in a more awesome way. Sharing creates experiences that go above and beyond your run of the mill. It can take you off the beaten track to places you never expected with people you never thought you'd met. Sharing helps you save money (and make money too!), and you’ll discover amazing experiences that won’t cost the Earth, literally.

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From everyday life to life-changing opportunities, no matter how you do it: borrowing, lending, swapping, exchanging or simply giving it away, there’s a world of sharing going on all around you. That’s where we come in. We’re the site to help you access it. At It’s All Share we hand-pick shared experiences into snazzy collections and you click on the ones which tickle your fancy. You can discover anything from supper clubs in our meal share collection to sites that allow you to rent the latest designer threads in our Share Collection. Sometimes you get to keep what you’ve shared, and no money is needed (i.e clothes swap parties) and sometimes you can’t keep it and money does exchange hands, like car sharing whilst on holiday. We even encourage you to share your own stuff with us and invite some friends using the #ItsAllShare hashtag. 

‘Thank God for that! I’m bored of buying new things’ we hear you cry? Well, that’s certainly a lie. New items never get boring. That’s why we’re doing something very clever here at It’s All Share; we’re not saying you should stop buying, we’re simply introducing a new way to spice things up and have new and interesting experiences. 

Don’t just take our word for it - check out how people are getting in on the share!

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I think sharing is an evolutionary process. What you learn when you share is that you don't actually own anything or anyone for that matter...that’s why I share food every day! I can't get through a meal without eating off of another's plate or sharing what's on mine. The meal isn't complete without having the full experience together.  - Chelsea, San Francisco

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Sharing is fun, practical, and perhaps most of all, it’s empowering. It enables us to experience and do things we never thought possible. Everyday I try tend to share things from  stories to fun facts, tips, tricks and life hacks... love to learn 'em, love to share 'em! But one thing that I would never share is dental Floss. I'll share my tooth brush, but everyone has to draw the line somewhere. Unless of course you want to use it for twine and then it's fair game. - Tom, San Francisco

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I think sharing is one of the ways to go. It depends on who I share with - with people I love there’s not really anything I wouldn’t share.  When I think of sharing at a social level, it needs to favour equality, fairness and well-being - we need to start making step towards achieving that. - Ele, London

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