It's All Share invites sharing community to share the power for Earth Hour!

December 22nd, 2014
by The People Who Share

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At It's All Share we’ve been busy rallying the troops recently for the upcoming Earth Hour and we’re not done yet! We are inviting everyone in the Sharing Economy to upload our specially designed Twitter skin and turn the lights off for 1 hour on March 29th at 8:30 pm!

The Earth Hour is a worldwide event bringing communities together to share in the challenges of creating a sustainable world. We thought this was something the Sharing Economy had to be involved in so have been encouraging all our friends and supporters to follow suit. If you want to join in the campaign, all you have to do is upload our Twitter skin in the run up to the Earth Hour on March 29th and make some noise on social media. We will even put your logo on to the design if you let us know by the 28th March!

Also feel free to use our “Share your power” image throughout your social networks to bring as many people on board as possible.

We have already had a great response from our friends in the Sharing Economy, and the following companies have all given their full support: 

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Here’s what some of the Sharing Economy have had to say:

Storage platform Storemates - “Earth Hour is an incredibly important project and something Storemates is proud to be part of. We share the same philosophy in believing that great change happens when the world believes in a common goal.”

Hiring platform RentMyItems – “RentMyItems is pleased to support The Sharing Economy's efforts in promoting Earth Hour. Turn your lights off for an hour.....we are!"

Car-sharing platform Liftshare - “Earth Hour is a unique opportunity to connect with people all over the world who share our ambition of a healthier, happier and more sharing world.”

Ride sharing platform - Kartag "Our vision is to reduce the burden of environmental pollution and damage via carpooling. EarthHour is pretty much along our alley and we will turn off our lights for far more than one hour today! Do that and have your friends do that too! The world would be a better and friendlier place!"  

It's All Share are extremely excited about Earth Hour and hope this year will be the biggest yet. 

Get in touch here to signup and send us your logo if you’d like to be included in the Twitter Skin (we hope you will!)

Let’s share our power together!