The Legal Infrastructure of the Sharing Economy

March 14th, 2016
by The People Who Share

Shake is a legal startup that gives consumers and freelancers the ability to create, sign and send simple legal agreements directly from their phones (for free!). Here at Shake, we’re excited to empower those in the sharing economy to protect their transactions and preserve relationships with simple agreements. The rise of the sharing economy demands a lightweight legal infrastructure that is simple and collaborative. Say for example you’re buying or selling something on Craigslist and want to get the sale in writing. Or maybe you’re lending some tools to a neighbor and want to make sure you have a simple agreement in place. Where do those shared P2P transactions fall on the legal spectrum? Our CEO Abe Geiger calls this sector of the legal marketplace TinyLaw.
Abe has said, “people are becoming more and more comfortable using peer-to-peer marketplaces to conduct their business, be it personal or professional. Airbnb and Uber are just two examples of this emerging ‘sharing economy,’ which at its core empowers individuals and small business to offer goods and services to the world.” These frequent, collaborative transactions define TinyLaw. P2P consumers need a simple legal infrastructure to protect their shared transactions, and we’re happy to be able to provide consumer with a tool to accomplish that.
So what does this have to do with Global Sharing Day? It’s simple. Shake users have fully embraced the spirit of the collaborative economy, and they use Shake to document and protect their shared transactions. We’ve heard stories of our users sharing and lending everything from clothes to cars. Consumers use Shake to get their agreements in writing to prevent possible headaches down the road. The idea is to keep collaborative transactions simple while preserving trust at the same time. The Sharing Economy is all about embracing collaboration and utilizing the resources of one’s own community. Our hope is that consumers replace simple handshakes with written agreements so that they are able to embrace the spirit of collaboration with less stress, creating a more harmonious experience for everyone.

If you’re in the US, you can download Shake for iOS by visiting Happy sharing and have a great #GlobalSharingDay!