OxfordJam has landed!

December 22nd, 2014
by The People Who Share

The It's All Share team have spent the first day of OxfordJam getting acquainted with the beautiful Oxford surroundings, meeting new friends, and generally exploring! Here is what we have been getting up to!

We’ve been to a range of sessions today but Hacking the System was a notable highlight and a personal favourite of both Ele & Benita (probably because Ele got to play the Dairy Farmer and Benita the socially friendly regulator!) 

“The session was really about hacking the system, identifying the problems, and disrupting it to make it better.” Said Benita. “In essence, it was about why organisations fail and what we can do about it.”
“It was about organising as a principal, rather than organisations per se.” Added Ele. “It was absolutely fascinating."

We also couldn’t resist moving our Farringdon Chats to Oxford! The “chats” are open to all and are 30-minute gatherings where we discuss It's All Share and the Sharing Economy in general. Lots of topics were raised and as usual there were many talking points to get through. 

Here is Josh, left, and Ele, right, having a Farringdon chat with Lily!

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We also found time for the infamous OxfordJam cabaret! Benita is pictured below performing the Grand National sharing economy style with an entirely crowd-sourced cast of 11 horses... Ehm people.

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Special mention must be made of Ruth Whateley - of Social Impact Assessment Association – who we did an advice session with on how the Sharing Economy can help face their challenges around knowledge sharing.  
There has also got to be mention of Sieglinde Graenzer who bought a castle (I know; a castle!) and turned it into an international academy on Social Enterprise to promote knowledge and skill sharing. It was great meeting her, but the fact she had to buy the castle takes the cake!

Are you at OxfordJam? Remember, it is our BingoShare! tomorrow (or today when you will be reading this!) so hit us on Twitter: @itsallshare if you would like to come along! It is a team game about the Social Economy with a mix of competition, sharing, and fun facts. There are prizes up for grabs too!

Hope to see you there,