The People Who Share Portugal

March 14th, 2016
by The People Who Share

By Cândida Rato, Director, The People Who Share - Portugal

In October 2013 Benita came to Portugal to present The People Who Share! She explained the concept and the activities related to Sharing Economy in some countries and I felt that Portugal ought to be mentioned as well!
Because Portuguese people are so proactive to “give a hand” and share with others, specially visible nowadays in this called “financial crisis”: it seems that the less we have the more we give, as reported by the actual records achieved in many associations that gather food, clothes and volunteers to supply the increasing number of others in need. Besides that, the consciousness for sustainability is also stronger and healthier alternatives of living are being looked for. Many initiatives arising from individuals to companies, can be integrated in the Sharing Economy movement showing creativity, innovation, using traditional and technological approaches.
So I went to speak to Benita and the conference organiser with my vision: Portugal can be a Sharing Economy example! I said “Next year we should be here showing what we do in Portugal related to Sharing Economy! I am available to help.” This is how it started… more people where enthusiastic about it and gathered to make it real and celebrate Global Sharing Day 2014.
We founded The People Who Share – Portugal and from April to May 2014 we achieved a plan, created the logos, the website, Facebook and Twitter pages. Also contacted and presented the project to several people, organizations, companies… since many are already sharing or want to share more!
In June 1st Portugal was celebrating Global Sharing Day with the world, all around the country with the Couch Challenge and other initiatives from our partners.
Until now The People Who Share – Portugal participated with several partners in events promoting Sharing Economy: clothes, books, toys and other goods swops, children recycling workshops, promoting P2P trades, knowledge, contacts and skills exchange, presentations, entrepreneur’s workshops… After 6 months, 2 main goals were achieved:

  • Portugal is present in the Sharing Economy World Map;
  • During Greenfest 2014 (one year after the beginning of this story) The People Who Share – Portugal and partner We Can Change The World presented the last 6 months activities on Sharing Economy.

The People Who Share - Portugal is enthusiastic about supporting and spreading the Sharing Economy in Portugal and worldwide, promoting beneficial interactions and contributing to create a global sharing community. We want to gather people and organizations in Portugal that already share or want to share more to promote and reinforce each initiative, activities and events for achieving a sustainable society. So we will continue to do so!
I enriched sharing in my life as well: involving skills, books, ideas, hugs, clothes and accessories, cooking, car rides, photo sessions, house sharing… creating happier and healthier relationships with older and newer friends! Even TPWS – Portugal received presents for skills and activities trading: poster printing, books…!
Because we're stronger, happier and more sustainable together!
In January we will promote an event on Sharing Economy in Portugal with the participation of Benita Matofska and will start planning Global Sharing Week 2015 celebration!

Here's to sharing!

Cândida Rato – The People Who Share - Portugal

For more information, please visit our Portuguese website, Facebook Group (in Portuguese), Twitter or contact Cândida here.