Saving with the Sharing Economy: European Capitals

January 12th, 2015
by The People Who Share

Hello hello Sharers!

The Holiday Season is over and a New Year is upon us, so why not get out of town for weekend or so to ease back into the thick of things?  

We thought we’d contribute to this effort by shedding some light on Sharing Economy accommodation prices compared to traditional hotels. Why pay more when you can get great deals on your stay across Europe with the Sharing Economy? No reason! Let us help you save, so there’s more to spend on gifts for friends and family. Or you could pay the same, but indulge in a significantly better place to stay, the choice is entirely yours!

Featured here are: Berlin, London, Rome, Madrid, Paris


Berlin and Madrid (Average Hotel Price per night: £81)
At 81£ per night, the room rates in Berlin and Madrid aren’t as pricey as others on the list, but that doesn’t mean you can’t save money and get yourself a lovely place to stay instead of your run-of-the-mill, off-city centre hotel room! For the same price in both Berlin or Madrid you could upgrade to a luxury experience for up to four people!


Rome (Average Hotel Price per night : £105)
Possibly the world’s largest “Art City"  sits around £100 pounds a night for a hotel room - but expect significantly higher prices during the busier seasons or specific events, and there’s always something going on to raise hotel prices. So make the smarter choice and find holiday apartments in Rome through the Sharing Economy such as this high-design flat in the heart of beautiful Trastevere in Roma that sleeps eight - that’s right! - for under 100£.


London & Paris (Average Hotel Price per night: £127)

Everyone knows holiday lettings in London and holiday apartments Paris are expensive, and the hotels even more so. What’s worse is that “average” hotel accommodation here can be really far from anywhere you want to be, or harbour nasty surprises, for example you might not have your own en-suite! To avoid all the unpleasantries enter the Sharing Economy to the rescue, for the same price a night you and your 4 mates could be taking up residence in a flat like this in London or Paris city center. As we like to say, “Sharing is a better deal for everyone!”


For more amazing properties and great deals around the world, just check out our holiday lettings booking tool!

If you book through the Sharing Economy, make sure to let us know on twitter or in the comments and link the property for us! 

Bon Voyage.

*Average Hotel Prices from Hotel Price Index, 2014.