Share Guides: How to eat on a budget in London

November 20th, 2015
by The People Who Share

From food apps to supper clubs, life explorer Claire Marshall undertakes such a journey in the first of her 3-part series exploring the Sharing Economy...

Fish and Chips, Curry, Sunday Roast.  They might be tasty but they were doing nothing for my waistline or wallet.  So I found myself turning to Compare and Share’s “The Share Guide to London” to see what the Sharing Economy could provide in terms of food.

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My first point of call was food waste app Olio.  A beautifully designed app, Olio lets you post and collect excess food from people in your area. I scanned my area and found a few amazing things up for grabs. First I saw some beer and pretzels. They were just down the road from me, so I sent a message to their owner. But sadly, I was too slow and someone had beaten me to it. So I started scanning the app more regularly and when I saw a few packets of imported Mexican spices up for grabs I pounced like a tiger.

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And as luck would have it, I was quick enough and they were mine.  I trotted off up the hill and met the lovely Sasha who told me that the spices were from her husband’s ‘Mexican phase’ which lucky for me didn’t last long. It was win win. Sasha was happy because she got back some pantry space, and I was happy because I got dinner!

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My second point of call was a little treat for myself courtesy of Grub Club, a platform where you can host a pop up restaurant in your own home. The 10 course Armenian Feast sounded amazing so I booked a table at Nathalie’s pop up restaurant. I arrived and was immediately greeted with not just the amazing smell of food but a welcome cocktail and a whole host of awesome people. Belly full of 10 incredible courses and a few new friends – how’s that for a successful night out!

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