Share Guides: How to find a budget stay in London

December 15th, 2015
by The People Who Share

From local adventures to free stuff, life explorer Claire Marshall undertakes such a journey in the second of her 3-part series exploring the Sharing Economy in London...

There is no denying that London is expensive. In fact in 2015 it was declared the third most expensive city in the world, and only beaten to the top spot by the playgrounds of the super rich, the Cayman Islands and Switzerland (The Independent) – ouch. 

So what is an Aussie girl to do when she needs a place to stay without breaking the bank? The answer can be found nestled in the colourful pages of Compare and Share’s “The Share Guide to London”. Using the guide and Compare and Share’s amazing comparison platform I struck gold – twice. 

First place up I stayed in a beautiful apartment in Crouch End - completely free. Yep you heard that right, I stayed for a week for nothing, all I had to do was feed a beautiful cat.  This was because I had gone through Trusted Housesitters and was looking after the place for interior designer Helen 
while she was on holiday. 

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For the second place I needed to stay somewhere near Peckham and was a little worried I wouldn’t find anything in my (pretty low) price range. But much to my surprise there were a ton of places to choose from on the Compare and Share website through a whole range of companies which operate much the 
same as Airbnb. I chose to stay with the lovely Ana, through Homestay. As I walked through the door on a pretty bleak night I was greeted with open arms, Spanish soup and Ana’s wonderful hospitality. 

In a month of living with strangers in the sharing economy I have not had one bad, scary, or disappointing experience. This sounds incredible but the more you share the more you realise that people are kind and generous, and that strangers are just a conversation away from being friends.

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