Share the Weekend: London

December 22nd, 2014
by The People Who Share

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Did you know that the Ancient Greeks had over 30 words to describe love and all its complexities? This summer, the Southbank Centre’s Festival of Love have chosen seven of them to celebrate in their festival. Bringing together hundreds of artists, communities and partners, the Festival of Love is a two month extravaganza of events, performances, pop-ups and chats… and you can still catch the tail end of it before it closes at the end of August. From Saturday 23rd to Monday 25th of August head over to the Southbank to share a weekend of Eros & Ludus. 


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While you’re sharing a loving london weekend, why not dip your toes a little deeper in the sharing lifestyle and grab one of over 5000 holiday accommodation lettings of all shapes, sizes and pricetags from our #sharingeconomy partners to live London as a Londoner would.

If you’re a Londoner - or have already booked your accommodation - try Sharing a Meal at someone’s house and making new friends. Or how about joining a Grub Club? It’s like a restaurant but a lot more fun, with great chefs, delicious food and quirky spaces in a communal setting that encourages guests to mingle and meet.

You can take the sharing lifestyle as far as you like. If you’d like a spot of adventurous shopping check the calendar at Swishing for some clothes-swap fun, or you could take care of a friendly pooch on Borrow My Doggy. For even more fun ideas, check out our own Experience Finder where you can browse thousands of sharing economy organizations and things to do. 

The summer is drawing to a close it seems so make sure you say goodbye to it by visiting the Festival of Love, which - incidentally - is celebrating the Same Sex Couple Act. Should you not make it, however, fear not! You can share the weekend in London all year round, great places to stay and fun things to do are always available through the Sharing Economy!

Check back soon to share the weekend in another city!