Share the Weekend: Roma

March 2nd, 2015
by The People Who Share


It’s September and most of the Roman Summer Festivals are over by now, but you can definitely still experience all the sites, and if you’re stopping for a more than a couple of days you can head-out beachside with an excuse to visit the Roman ruins at Ostia Antica and grab a sun-drenched lunch by the sea. The web is full of tourist guides as to what to see, so we won’t linger on that and instead give you a couple of hints on how the Sharing Economy can help you make the most out of the Roma.


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The Eternal City has been around for a very long time - since 753 BC, in fact - and its mythological origins go even further back, all the way to the fall of Troy as told in the Aeneid and then through to a certain story involving two brothers and a she-wolf. The city’s long and rich history is plain for all to see, but you may not know that Italy counts the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world, and that the same organization estimates that 60% of the world’s art is located in Italy, and almost half that in Roma alone.


September is a great time to visit Roma, it is less crowded than during the summer months, the more authentic restaurants outside city center have reopened for business after their - long - summer holidays, and the weather is usually warm but not blistering hot - though you might get a fair amount of tropical-style torrential rain. 

So let’s take a look at what the #SharingEconomy can do for you in Roma.


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Hotels in Rome are expensive and - quite like the restaurants - unfortunately hit or miss. But you don’t need to stay in a Hotel! There are almost 9000 places to choose from in Roma on our Holiday Accommodation section that will save you money and regale you with an authentic experience. Here’s an example, this 3 bedroom flat  will sleep up to 6 people and put you back £400 for three nights, now compare that to the £450-800 you’d be spending in a hotel in the area for just 4 people to sleep cramped up in the same room.

It’s pretty obvious what the better experience would be, isn’t it? 

Staying in a flat or a room through the Sharing Economy also comes with other benefits, especially in a city like Roma, where hotel concierges often have deals with local restaurants. Someone sharing their home or room with you is more likely to give you authentic tips to eat a real Roman meal in a local gem; unfortunately, it is quite easy to have an abysmally terrible meal if you just wander into any restaurant downtown. 

For a truly roman experience, try staying in one of the central but not historical downtown areas such as the Trieste neighbourhood with its hidden architectural wonder of Quartiere Coppedè, or Prati, a stonethrow away from the Vatican and home to many new and interesting food spots. In both cases, you’ll avoid the tourist traps - and the hordes of tourists themselves- and discover a part of Rome that goes ignored too often. 


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Moving Around

Rome isn’t known for the efficiency of its public transport - or the efficiency of most things - but it’s good to see Car Sharing and Ride Sharing are starting to make a significant appearance in the city. You’ll probably mostly be walking around a lot, but should you be looking for a car for that trip to Ostia or perhaps for a half a day in the southern wine-making region of Castelli Romani, you might want to grab one of the cars from Enjoy or Car2Go, which are increasingly common on roman roads and will do much to improve the city’s over-congestion in the long run!


Some of the best food you’ll have in Rome is at someone’s home, most locals will tell you that. Luckily, today you can have that experience without having to have a handy Roman friend to invite you for dinner. It’s probably not surprising that food sharing is growing quite quickly in Italy with a number of local options available for you to try such as: BonAppetour, Gnammo and PeopleCooks

So that’s a few tips for you; we hope you enjoyed them. They say that when in Rome do as the Romans do, and the #SharingEconomy is here to help you do just that.

Until the next Share the Weekend!