Shared accommodation for the World Cup in Brazil - our top 3

December 22nd, 2014
by The People Who Share

With the World Cup opening ceremony on the 12th June fast approaching, we’ve chosen our top three places to stay in three of Brazil’s most popular destinations.

1. Rio de Janeiro - Stay by the famous Maracana!

With over 700 places to stay within 5km of distance of Rio, we’ve got a great range of places to stay. Vacationing Sharing Economy style is always a fun way to travel, especially in such a vibrant city such as Rio. Not only is it vastly cheaper than staying in hotels, but instead of asking your concierge to show you the best places to visit on a map, why not get your host to take you there instead. Make new friends, stay somewhere great, enjoy the party!

Here’s our top pick for Rio:

This property is amazing value from £36 per night and very close to the Maracana Stadium. Simple, clean and comfortable in an excellent location, currently this property is available from the 19th June to the 27th. Book here.

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2. Brasilia - The capital of football

Brazil’s capital is home to the countries parliamentary buildings and some amazing Art-Deco architecture, which is reflected in the fabulous renovation of the Estádio Nacional Mané Garrincha seen below:

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Here’s our top place to stay in Brasilia:

At £129 a night this is the most expensive of our top three, but when you consider that this luxury apartment sleeps up to three people, perhaps a last minute trip to Brazil with your mates wasn’t such a bad idea! You’d be staying in the Olympia Residence right in the heart of downtown Brasilia, not bad eh? Available from the 9th - 13th June, it’s perfect timing to spend the opening ceremony in Brazil’s capital.

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3. Sao Paulo - Brazil’s largest city

Sao Paulo has everything; amazing people, food, nightlife, weather and of course football. Oh and here’s a fun fact...It’s also home to the world’s highest scoring goalkeeper! Rogerio Ceni has been playing for Sao Paulo since 1992 and has netted an scarcely believable 116 career goals. For this years World Cup the city has been gifted with one of the world’s most beautiful stadiums - The Arena Corinthians. If it’s football you want, look no further than Sao Paulo.

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We recommend staying at:

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For £29 per night, this is a steal. Bang smack in the middle of Sao Paulo and available during the World Cup, this room is comfortable, has great amenities and is unbelievable value. Get booking!

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If you’re planning the trip of a lifetime to Brazil’s 2014 World Cup, flights are becoming expensive but you can still find yourself a good last minute deal. We found return flights for £977 to Rio on Adioso. Keep your eyes peeled for the best deals!

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