#ShareYourselfHappy to Win

August 6th, 2015
by The People Who Share

As sharing experts, we know that 80% of us are happier when we share.

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This is why we’re celebrating all that makes us happy – from finding that great piece at a vintage clothes swap, booking some much-needed time away, enjoying a gut-wrenching laugh with friends or simply sparking up great conversation with a stranger – we know cause we love the same things too.

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Bench from the guys @Sensay

In the next up coming weeks, we’re going to be sharing tons of amazing things that you can do anywhere and everywhere you are – Brighton to Rio – because we’re confident that this is the only way we, and most importantly, you (yes, YOU) can become more awesome. 

In order to make this *mega*, we need your help (no pressure).  We need you to capture shared experiences that make you happy! It can be a video of your amazing holiday,  a #selfie of you and your mates fist-pumping at TomorrowLand or maybe sharing some lip-smackingly delicious food porn (!!) – heck, even a funny cat video. 

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*drool* - @BurgerBearTom

Whether it is on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, simply share your good times with us – polaroid pictures to crazy filters . To make things even more exciting, we're giving a travel voucher that offers you accommodation anywhere in the world up to £200. 

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Need some inspiration to win? Check out a few gems that tickle our #ShareYourselfHappy button. 

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Image removed.Diving in the Moroccan desert

Image removed.Rocking to some serious beats

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*So what are you waiting for? On your marks, get set, go #ShareYourselfHappy. *

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Find out more about the #ShareYourselfHappy competition here