Six things all (true) Londoners share

December 22nd, 2014
by The People Who Share

 1. Sharing life space with complete strangers (long before AirBnB!)

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With its astronomical rent prices and lack of affordable housing, most people have to accept sharing their living space with complete strangers as a natural part of London life. 

2. Personal space

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Londoners are so attuned to the sharing principle that even standing face-first in someone’s sweaty arm pit is not enough to put them off taking the tube. Who says there is no love in our big city?

3. Contempt towards slow people (read: tourists) or anyone that stand on the wrong side of the escalator.

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One pet hate that all Londoners share (no matter how new to London town!) is flouting of the escalator rule. Do people not know the rush you are in? 

4. Hypocritical newspaper etiquette.

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There are two aspects to London newspaper etiquette. Firstly, THE most annoying thing someone can do on the tube is read your Metro over your shoulder - or God forbid your evening standard after all it took to get it! The second rule is that it is perfectly acceptable to do it to other people… just don’t get caught. 

5. Music 

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One of the friendliest things about Londoners is their willingness to share their music with those around them. Go on any tube or bus and someone will soon come along joyfully blasting their music through their headphones so that you can share in it as well. Aww thanks!

6. Money

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Londoners are more generous than any other people in the UK, we are after all willing to pay £5 for a warm pint of lager in a plastic glass. Cheers to that! (Though Sharing the actual beer, that’s another story entirely) 

What have you found yourself sharing in London?

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