Social Entrepreneurs play Bingo with the Sharing Economy at OxfordJam

December 22nd, 2014
by The People Who Share

It's All Share unleashed the BingoShare session at OxfordJam Thursday 10th; our interactive game all about the sharing economy with a mixture of competition and fun facts. We were delighted with the turn out and hope that all had as good a time as us!


Chief sharer Benita Matofska kicked off the session by asking the group a few general questions about what the sharing economy meant to them, and the feedback before the bingo even started was great. People were shouting out win-win, opportunity, creation, generosity, scale, conservation, community, trust, and future, showing there’s already a fantastic level of knowledge on the sharing economy out there. 


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The BingoShare! included 25 multiple choice questions based around the sharing economy and in teams, players plotted their answers onto their bingo sheet. Questions included the following: 

•    How many sharing economy businesses are there in the UK?
•    How much money did UK adults make in total from the sharing economy in 2013?
•    According to a recent study, what items are people least likely to share?

The teams battled it out for the main prize of a visit to the Olympic Park in East London, though in true sharing spirit everyone that played won a prize from It's All Share partners, which included ZipCar, Park at my House, and House Share (we wouldn’t let people leave empty handed now would we?!). 


Throughout the day we chatted with attendees and filmed vox pops to gain an understanding of the group’s perception of the sharing economy. It was a truly great learning experience and great fun to boot! Interestingly, when asked what they would never share people most often opted for their laptop - with a few quick thinkers stating their husband or wives!


Check out the first VoxPops below! You can watch the rest of the videos here



Thank you OxfordJam for yet another three brillant days’ full of learning, meeting new people, and exchanging ideas. If you were at OxfordJam or think you know the answer to the questions above, then hit us up on Twitter: @itsallshare #oxfordjam