These are the craziest things you can share

November 29th, 2015
by The People Who Share

I kid you not. AirPnP bring toilet sharing to the masses, so you never have to face the horror of a public loo again. You can even rate your “pee experience”, from high to poor-celain.

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Wine Tasting
Whether you’re a Pinot Noire or a Rioja type, A Grape Night In help you discover wine at tasting events without the elitist snobbery. Here’s the twist - A Grape Night In come to you, whether that’s your back lawn or dank, creepy basement. *Shudder*.

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I feel pretty, oh so pretty. Mainly ‘cos I’m decked out in the latest threads from Rags Revival - a clothes sharing platform which is way more flashy-flashy than cashy-cashy. Caching! 

Climbing the property ladder today can seem more like scaling Everest. If Everest was on Mars. So imagine our delight when we discovered that mortgages could be shared! Share A Mortgage are all about making property ownership a thing again. They also win the prize for the most beautifully obvious company name ;-)

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Concerts (in your lounge) 
What if the gig could come to you? Crazy - you say. Crazy cool, we say. Sofa Concerts are all about bringing the music to your living room, sharing your space with music artists and music lovers alike. Prepare for mosh pits, or scarier still, Beliebers. 

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Feline lonely? (sorry, had to go there). The cat-sharing guys over at Cat In A Flat will certainly give you paws for thought (sorry). Anyhow, for cat-owners looking for sitters, and those who fancy a furry friend for company, it’s the purrrfect solution (apologies).

Leftover food
Think twice before you chuck that leftover lasagne hiding out in your fridge. That cool customer should go to Olio, the place for sharing that extra meal you put in a tupperware and forgot all about. Give that grub a home.

There’s a whole world of sharing to be discovered, and one place where you can do it. 

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