Top Sharing Deals: Delicious Food To Transport

September 30th, 2015
by The People Who Share

You may know that you can make some major pounds by sharing your living space using sites like HouseTrip in our Share Directory; but did you know the Sharing Economy goes leaps and bounds beyond that?

Here are a few great ways to continue making the savings by sharing: 

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Pet sharing to hanging out with locals, we champion unique money-saving experiences that take your daily life and holidays to new levels! Whether it's pet sitting a pug in San Francisco or cooking neighbourhood paella in Barcelona (pronounce it pah/EH/yah for major brownie points), we've got it all in our global sharing directory. 

Bring the joys of food – mm, delicious food - to new heights by offering people the chance to enjoy your culinary skills in your local area. Look to Tabl and Grub Club for secret supper clubs and pop-up dining in unique venues across London and Brighton. Whilst the folks over Casserole Club help people discover something great by sharing extra portions of home-cooked food with those who aren’t always able to cook for themselves.

Think you can teach Ace Ventura a thing or two? Then get involved with the pawsome people over at BorrowMyDoggy, DogBuddy Co or DogVacay. Whether you want to borrow a dog for a walk or leave your pet in the trusted hands of a person in your local area, they’ve got you covered thus saving you money.

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Live Like A Local
Get off the beaten tourist track with companies like Trip4Real. A platform driven by community, locals offer you experiences unlike any other – whether it’s showing you all the secret haunts on bike or pointing out the best beaches to keep that sun-kissed glow on 100%! Take your holiday even further with our Share Guides. London to Seoul, they’re packed with tips and tricks to discover your chosen destination by sharing.

Sometimes getting a loan can be more complicated than playing a game of cat's cradle wearing a blindfold whilst tight rope walking. Don't fret - we've got the companies who can help you get straightfoward, p2p simple finance

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Still rushing that packed train every day? Paying top fees for your journeys? Silly, silly you! Yes, we know you’ve grown to love the misery of packed carriages, screaming babies, and let’s not forget, the shoes-and-socks-off guy - but, we’re betting it’s because you haven’t realised the true money-saving joys of a car share?!

With trips starting from £5 on sites like Zipcar, City Car Club, BlaBlaCar, LiftShare and HiyaCar, you can save money and travel sustainably - let’s not forget the chance to make new friends!

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Peru to New York, discover all the amazing stays we have through our accommodation partners like HouseTrip, Roomorama and HomeAway. Saving you up to 50% compared to booking a hotel, you can use the saved pennies to enjoy some of the experiences in our share directory.
Jam packed with over 7.8K+ companies (and counting), you can discover the global sharing community all in one place!

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