Upcoming Events... and more!

January 16th, 2015
by The People Who Share

Hello Sharers!

Just a quick post to give you a head’s up on some upcoming events we’ll be participating in, as well as a couple of articles on the Sharing Economy featuring your favourite one-stop-shop - ie. It's All Share!


Upcoming Events

Technology & Democracy - January 20, 2015.
Our Chief Sharer, Benita Matofska, will be participating in a BBC televised debate for Democracy Day.

10 Digital Ladies - January 22, 2015
Benita Matofska will be speaking at an event featuring 10 prominent women in tech startups. More details here! 

Sharing Responsibility - Jan 29, 2015
Join us for a unique and lively roundtable discussion brought to you by Responsible 100 and the Global Sharing Economy Network (The People Who Share). Bringing together sharing experts and businesses large and small, we’ll identify and debate best business practices in relation to the sharing economy. This is an opportunity to find out how mainstream businesses can engage with and benefit from the sharing economy. Signup Here!

Resource15 - March 3-5, 2015 
The largest event on the circular economy is back at at Excel, London! It's All Share - the event’s Travel Partner - will be curating a Sharing Economy Pavilion. Benita Matofska will be chairing a panel on Trust and the Sharing Economy. 
For more information on the event, and for help with travel & accomodation visit our event page on It's All Share.

FT Sharing Economy European Summit - March 17, 2015. 
We’ll have more details about this one further on, but mark your diaris! Benita Matofska will be speaking about the Sharing Economy and Social Impact at this event.

Things to Read.


You might enjoy taking a look at this article - “Car pooling, swapping homes with strangers and trading old clothes: Take part in the borrowing boom of the 'sharing economy' where all can benefit” - on the Mail on Sunday’s Money section. 

It's All Share is also featured in Psychologies Magazine alongside some other great Sharing Economy businesses.


That's "all" for now folks, but keep your eyes open on our Twitter, we have some exciting news coming soon!