Villa Holiday Destinations 2016

November 2nd, 2015
by The People Who Share

What is the best thing about a villa holiday? “Freedom”. There are no hotel itineraries to stick to or set meal times to rush to be ready for. Renting a villa gives you the complete freedom to do as you please. It’s your own space with your own schedule and even with your own pool if that’s what you desire. The beauty of a villa vacation over a hotel stay is you get to play to the beat of your own drum, which means you can kick back and relax in your own personal oasis.

The following are our top villa destinations for summer 2016 …

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Idyllic and peaceful, Menorca is the perfect place for a sunshine holiday as it’s the first place to see the sun in Spain each morning. Fabulous golden beaches and breathtaking countryside make it the ideal retreat to escape the hurly burly of life. If you want to forget about the worries of the world while you work on your tan, Menorca is the best place to do so this summer. It also has some of the best villas Southern Europe has to offer.    

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This vibrant city has it all, from beautiful beaches to awe-inspiring architecture to a thumping nightlife scene. If you want to eat, drink, relax, soak up the sun and party, Barcelona is the top summer destination for 2016. There’s so much to see and do as the city is so rich with culture and so steeped in history. To paraphrase the Queen song “Barcelona” “the city is a jewel in the sun”.

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Known as the city that straddles two continents Europe and Asia, where West meets East, it’s also the city where the cosmopolitan meets the historic. This is what makes Istanbul one of the most vibrant and fascinating cities on the planet. It’s no wonder when you think it’s been the capital city for most of the ancient world’s empires. Istanbul has everything from Ottoman architecture to skyscrapers to the world’s largest bazaar.

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Located on the scenic Douro River, Porto is a chocolate box mix of flamboyant churches, grandiose bell towers and elegant shop fronts. The city has a unique charm of its own that is not found anywhere else in Portugal let alone Europe. Porto in English means “The Port” and the city is very much a “port city” as it is rich in history and culture. Porto’s beauty will take your breath away and leave you questioning why you haven’t visited the city sooner.

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“Majestic” is the best way to describe Budapest. It is a city brimming with fairy tale architecture and romantic landmarks. Sat on the iconic Danube River, the city is a hotbed for culture and the arts. With over 100 galleries and museums and 40 theatres, it is the perfect place to nourish your soul. It is also the perfect place to sooth your bones due the abundance of thermal spas and baths in the city. Budapest is a unique place to visit and it is one of Europe’s metropolitan treasures.    

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Hanoi translates to “city inside rivers”, which is cool, but nowhere near as cool as the meaning of the city’s historic name “Thang Long”, which translates to “Ascending Dragon”. This is what is so great about Hanoi and encapsulates its essence, the blend of venerable traditions and innate beauty. Hanoi is one of those places that will stay in your heart forever. The people are wonderful and the pagodas, boulevards, temples and squares are all devastatingly beautiful. It’s a city that should be on everybody’s “must visit” bucket list.    

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Buenos Aires

The city is known as the “Paris of Latin America” because it is such an elegant place. Buenos Aires has an intoxicating mixture of European sophistication and South American passion – for passion just look how many football teams the city has (football is religion here). An interesting fact about the city that captures this mix; is the tango was invented here in the 19th century in an area associated with ghetto brothels, but which is now the cosmopolitan La Boca habour.

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