Where will the Sharing Economy Take you This Summer? Stay somewhere gorgeous from just £15 a night!

December 22nd, 2014
by The People Who Share

Ever wanted to travel to one of those post card perfect white sandy beaches in the Caribbean, but thought only celebrities could afford it? The good news is that the Sharing Economy can take you where you want to be and Compare and Share now has over 1 million holiday lettings  just for you. From just £15 a night you could have a gorgeous villa in Mallorca.


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Peer-to-peer accommodation is affordable because it's people-priced -- people share their spaces with others offering you an affordable trip where you can save money and make friends along the way.  It's a way to travel like a local, tap into and share all that the local culture has to offer, turning a holiday into an experience to remember. 

With over 1 million rooms now available via Compare and Share and our sharing partners, HousetripRoomoramaFlipkey9 FlatsHome Away and Waytostay you can benefit from the Sharing Economy! Not only do you get much more, for less cash, but you also benefit the local economy and help the planet too. Can't say fairer than that!


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If you're after a family holiday in Rome we have over 6,000 holiday lettings in Rome where you can be with the family but without the hassle or you could enjoy the sun in the UK this summer and have fun on the beach in Brighton. If you're staying in the UK you could also book your transport via one of our car and ride sharing partners saving money and lowering carbon at the same time. It pays to share!

Let the Sharing Economy take you somewhere special this summer....