Who Owns the Future and the Future of Food

November 27th, 2018
by The People Who Share

By Clare Kandola

Back in the balmy days of September The People Who Share’s Autumn Meetup asked Who Owns the Future? Part of our Future of Life series, Who Owns the Future? brought together a dynamic mix of Sharing Economy practitioners, entrepreneurs, academics and regular meet-up friends for a lively discussion and diverse take on how the future will look, what we need to meet its challenges, and who will be the architects building this future. Who Owns The Future? is also the title of a book by Jaron Lanier, an exploration of how a few tech giants are taking control of our future by leveraging our data – and what we can do to take back ownership of our data, the economy and our future.


What was heartening was the positivity we all felt looking forward from this time of uncertainty, populism and corporatisation towards a future powered by technology, co-operation and inclusion. In all honesty, we were unable to do justice to such a big topic in a just a couple of hours, however, here’s a few highlights from the session:


  • Our society is fraught with barriers and inequality – let’s work on listening, understanding and opening the flow of information so as to heal ourselves and move forward into a positive future
  • Too many people are currently disenfranchised and excluded - we need a future that includes, empowers and responds to the needs of people and communities
  • People are increasingly looking for purpose in their lives - connecting social conscience with paid-for work creates meaning and engagement within our lives and fosters connections between work, life and society
  • Simply educating people isn’t enough – we need skills training to develop and retain the talent that can build the future and future proof organisations and economies


Despite a long and often passionate debate, we left with more questions and with several of us feeling the conversation had not been fully explored nor definitive answers found. We will be revisiting this question of Who Owns The Future? looking for theories and routes to building a common future, in the coming months, as part of this on-going and fascinating Future of Life series. This leads nicely to our next meetup, on Thursday November 29th this week, a completely different kind of event looking at the Future of Food


Did you know that globally over 1/3 of all food produced goes to waste? The value of this wasted food is worth over $1 trillion! In the UK alone, the 250,000 tonnes of edible food wasted could produce 650 million meals – and make a big difference to the 8.4m people struggling to afford to eat in Britain right now.


On Thursday 29th November, we are delighted to be partnering with food sharing gurus Olio, to host a fun and practical evening of conversation, sharing and eating, with the added bonus that we’ll be passing on some of our good fortune to a local food bank.


The Olio app allows people to connect with others in their neighbourhood and share food that would otherwise go to waste – made too much of something delicious? Put it on Olio! Going away with a fridge full of food going to waste? Put it on Olio! Want to share a meal with neighbours in need? Put it on Olio!


We’ll hear about the Olio vision and journey towards getting the whole world sharing food not wasting, whilst we enjoy a delicious food swap and seasonal get together.


Please join us – all you need to do is bring some food you don’t want to swap for something you do want, and bring one or two tinned items to donate to our local food bank.  To share and join in the fun, sign up here!


Here’s to Sharing!