Who Shares Wins: 5 More Reasons to Share!

February 25th, 2015
by The People Who Share

It’s no secret to anyone that at It' All Share we’re big fans of Sharing, but when we say “Who Shares Wins!” we really mean it! Here are our 5 reasons to share, what are yours?

At some level, everyone knows that sharing is a good thing. As children, our parents and carers never tired of telling us to share our things with friends and family. But as we grow older, we start sharing less and less, we still give value to sharing but we’re less likely to do so than our younger selves, even though we could share so much more, including our homes and cars, tools and skills, food and meals, and so much more.


So here are our 5 reasons to share these things!


Sharing...  is kinder to the planet
If you’re sharing a ride to work, that’s one less car on the road, that’s an easy one. But sharing also prolongs the life-cycle of products and extends their usage, for example, by sharing little used goods rather than each of us owning one, we would decrease the need for the production of such goods and thus save the planet water, energy and other resources! So why not try accessing rather than owning?

… frees us from ownership burdens
Owning a car is expensive, but that expense becomes almost offensive if we don’t even really use it that much (the average car is used for just 45 minutes a day!) No more maintenance costs or tax to worry about, by accessing car sharing or hitching a ride share we can free ourselves from the financial and administrative burdens of ownership while still having a car to use when we need one!

… is smart, it makes and saves us money
Have a spare room? An empty seat in your car? A power drill you’ve never used? With over 7500 Sharing Economy businesses in the world and growing, there’s surely a way to monetise that resource and give someone else access to something they need or want at an affordable price. Just pay for what you use - that's smart! 

Through sharing, we can access stuff we couldn’t normally afford
Looking for a designer dress for an event? Or maybe a 5 star holiday villa by the sea? We can’t always afford to own the things we want, but through Sharing we can access them when we want them (and just paying for what we use) at a fraction of the cost. 

And most importantly... sharing makes us happy :)
Is there a better feeling than sharing something that can improve someone else’s life? We think not! The more we share, the more we have and the science speaks for itself...research tells us that 80% of us say Sharing makes us happier. 


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Sharing, it’s just a better deal for everyone. Tell us your reasons on Twitter with the #whyweshare hashtag!


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