Yay - It's International Ridesharing Day!

October 12th, 2015
by The People Who Share

Still getting that packed train every day? Silly, silly you! Yes, we know you’ve grown to love the misery of packed carriages, screaming babies, and let’s not forget, the shoes-and-socks-off guy - but, we’re betting it’s because you haven’t realised the true joys of a ride share?!

Sure, saving the pennies and the world from high emissions are top reasons to take part (mini yay) but what really makes it worthwhile is the promise of unmatched stories, memories and new friendships. It also helps to know that the people you meet will be fun, cheerful and share common interests.

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In fact, ridesharing is such a big thing that this Friday - October 16th - marks the 8th year of its celebration! International RideSharing Day is celebrated from Argentina to Turkey right round to Belgium and more, so don’t miss the chance to get involved in the festivities.

Not convinced? Discover how people are already ride sharing across the UK…


There are so many trips to choose from to highlight the terrific times I’ve had car sharing, but one of them I do remember in particular was when I was heading to a party one Friday night in London. My driver was called Nick, a super nice guy who had moved up from Cornwall to study.  The usual greeting was always to ask how my day was, making me feel as if we had been friends for years. He always had terrific music playing, and we would often exchange spotify playlists as well after these car rides.  


We – and the usual passengers we picked up - all got on so well that we decided to swap numbers and would often meetup for drinks after work and on the weekends.  All in all, as a newcomer to London, these ride shares were a great way to make me feel part of the community, and I have never known anything like it. 

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I'm located in Portsmouth, and I've gone up to Manchester and Liverpool to see friends countless times using rideshares. In both cases the experiences have been great. It was so easy to book my ride and much cheaper than travelling by train or bus, and even faster and much more comfortable. Hands down, this beats public transport by miles.  

Ever since I moved to Brighton, I’ve been ridesharing myself to new friendships. Work to clothes swaps, it’s how I’ve been getting around town other than my bike, of course. At first it was such a peculiar concept as I’d never done it before but I’m glad I did. I’ve had some terrific experiences and met some incredible people - it’s a shame I didn’t find out about it earlier.



I've been looking at car sharing for a while but was a little unsure.  After reviewing a number of lift shares between Bristol and Bath I spotted something that clinched the deal - a liftshare with Jane, and her border terrier called Coba! As a dog lover I could not only get from A-B cheaply but I also go to hang out with "Coba" each day.  I'm now such good friends with Jane and Coba that when Jane and her family go away I get to dog sit and she loans me her car, which she insured me on. I never would have thought that car sharing would open up these other forms of sharing.

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So whether you’re a newbie or seasoned carpooler, International Ridesharing Day is your chance to rev up (boom, boom) your participation. Save money, time and the stress with BlaBlaCar, LiftShare, HiyaCar and more...it really is the (fun) way to go!
Spread the news using the #RideSharingDay hashtag to get in on the action and share your journeys and top stories.

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