2021 brings the exciting Generation Share Changemakers Digital World Tour, making this ground-breaking  book and movement accessible to all online. Each month, will focus on changemaking in a different country or region, bringing inspiring speakers and stories from the Generation Share book and uncovering new pioneers.  This series of dynamic, participatory, impactful, free online events, will showcase, entertain and connect social innovators and changemakers from around the globe to create a global Map of Hope.

Tickets and Dates

Tickets are free and available online via Eventbrite for the following events:

January 19th 1900 - 20:30 (GMT): Generation Share: Greece. 

Tickets available here.

February 23rd 1900-20:30 (GMT): Generation Share: Morocco.

Tickets available here.

March 23rd 1800-19:30 (GMT) Generation Share: Mexico

April 20th 18:00-19:30 (GMT) Generation Share: Israel

May 18th 10:00-11:30 (GMT) Generation Share: Japan

If you are a future-facing organisation, community or changemaker and you would like us to host a launch in your country as part of the ground-breaking Generation Share Changemakers Digital World Tour,  please get in touch.