We aim to bring the untold stories of social impact and how the Sharing Economy is transforming lives to Media attention. 

Here's a selection of media that we'd like to share.

Press releases, radio interviews, podcasts & video

Euronews: Women's Forum Global

Benita Matofska on BBC Radio 4 Today Programme talking about the Uber tribunal and Sharing Economy workers

Benita Matofska speaks about the Sharing Economy in the European Parliament - EU Observer TV

World Forum for a Responsible Economy

Benita Matoska Interviewed at Impulso Positivo, a portuguese magazine (page 38)

Benita Matofska, Sharing Economy expert on Jazz FM talking Global Sharing Week, the Sharing Economy and trust

Sharing Economy: building trust between consumers and businesses

Safety concerns are keeping consumers from jumping on the Sharing Economy bandwagon

People don't trust the Sharing Economy - Read our latest survey from The People Who Share and Veridu

Sharing Economy is suffering from a lack of trust - Read Hooyu's report

Caring Benita’s vision leads Leeds’s sharing revolution - Yorkshire Evening Post

Don’t just trim the tree this Christmas – you can trim your costs as well | Money | The Guardian

The Truth About Crowdfunding | Platinum Business Magazine

Konnektid Blog Ten sharing economy experts to follow - Konnektid

From couriers to car clubs: How the power of sharing could help you save money, cut costs and share the love | Daily Mail Online

The People Who Share launches 'Sharetrade' sharing economy kitemark - Tech City News | Tech City News

Big business seeks to capitalise on sharing economy boom

Share More to Save More - Global Sharing Week Ideas - Money Saving Girl | Money Saving Girl

5 Awesome Ways to Celebrate Global Sharing Week, June 7-13 - Shareable

Information for a greater social impact (Portuguese) | Impulso Positivo

Sharing is daring: mapping the disruption economy | CNN

What is the sharing economy? | Virgin.com

The sharing economy:how is it affecting you and your business? | PwC UK

The Sharing Generation | BBC

The Business of Sharing: Why Corporates Want a Piece of the Sharing Economy | Green Mondays Opinion

Owning is finite, sharing is infinite | research-live.com

As sharing businesses grow the challenge is to stay authentic | The Guardian


Insurers head to Downing Street to crack shared economy cover | Insurance Times

The Sharing Economy: Using Technology to Change the World | ResPublica

The Zero Marginal Cost Society - Welcome To The 3d Future | Management Today

Does the sharing economy have staying power? Or is it just a fad? | Virgin.com

Recognising Value: Innovation, Relationships and the Sharing Economy | London Technology Week

Critics of the sharing economy are missing the point altogether | The Guardian

Sharing Is Trending With Celebrities | Look To The Stars

Are Brits Too Reserved For The Sharing Economy? | Management Today


Sydney Morning Herald: October 21st 2013 - Sharing Your way to a Tidy Profit | Sydney Morning Herald

Sunday Telegraph: October 20th 2013 - Sharing Saves us £20K per year | The Telegraph

The People Who Share at Greenfest, Portugal. Oct 2013 | ionline.pt

Santa Casa, Greenfest Portugal October 2013 | Youtube

Our Chief Sharer, Benita Matofska was on BBC Radio 4 debating Access v ownership. If you missed it you can listen here: Access vs Ownership on BBC Radio 4

The Guardian Sustainable Business | theguardian.com

Today's Talker | metro.co.uk

New Research Finds UK Consumers Earning and Saving £4.6 Billion | sustainablebrands.com

Meal Sharing: The intersection of food and travel | thewanderermagazine.co.uk

Miranda Hart Is the UK’s Favourite Celebrity to Share a Meal With | F&B NEWS

It's All Good Radio Show May 12 | It's All Good Radio

The State of the Sharing Economy | SHAREABLE

Global Sharing Day's Big Launch in London | SHAREABLE

"Sharing Economy" saving UK £4.6bn a year | Business Green

Facing the future: making and saving money by sharing | Friends of the Earth

Facing the future: share to survive | Friends of the Earth

Facing the future: sustainability means sharing | Friends of the Earth

2012 and older: Archive News & video

Sustainable Business

Compara y comparte | El Mundo (Spain)

El reto del consumo verde | El Mundo (Spain)

Sharing, Not Buying at Christmas | CBC Radio (Canada) : The Sunday Edition Dec 2012

The Debating Chamber - Is the sharing economy a hippy pipedream? | Thomson Reuters Blog

Sharing to Survive – The Future of Sustainable Business | The Futures Company

Space: not just the final frontier | The Sunday Times

Benita Matofska @ TEDxBrighton | TEDx Brighton Blog

The Advent of the Sharing Economy | Sustainable Brands

Teaching the world to share | The Guardian

HE WHO SHARES, WINS | The Comms Dept.

Why sharing makes sustainable business sense | edie.net

10 sites to save you money on holiday | The Guardian

Celebrating National Sharing Day! #NationalSharingDay | Onlyuncle.com

One to watch | Business Zone

Social Enterprise | The Guardian

Social Enterprise Blog | The Guardian

Social Enterprise Blog | Twitter Buzz

Cooperatives Debate & Shared Ownership | The Guardian

Share and Share Alike | The Argus

Collaborative Consumption Pioneer | Collaborative Consumption

Join the Sharing Economy | 2 Degrees Blog

Sharing Economy | Shareable Magazine

Fellows Profile | RSA

Innovation in giving | NESTA

The People Who Share | NESTA

The People Who Share | NESTA

Corporate Social Responsibility | Spin London

Nexters - Benita Matofska | Nexters