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Share-a-Suitcase for Refugee Relief

What might be an unloved suitcase to you could become a treasured item for a refugee – and a symbol of a new beginning. Created together with Global Sharing Week’s charity partner, Bridge2, the share-a-suitcase campaign aims to collect unwanted suitcases from throughout the UK, fill them with much-needed items, and get them to the refugee camp in northern Greece run by Bridge2.

What’s more, everything is done through sharing. From your donations, to the participation of our lead logistics supplier, Parcelly – together, we are unlocking access to hope and a better life. Our aim? To collect and deliver 500 large suitcases with wheels. Register here to donate a suitcase and help a refugee in need.


Why share-a-suitcase?

Although the refugee crisis may have fallen out of the news, the largest and most profound human disaster to affect our times still continues. After fleeing war, being treated badly and enduring a frightening journey, the refugees are faced with a long and uncertain bureaucratic wait before they can move away from temporary accommodation – and start their new lives. So when it comes to moving on to the next stage, the simple gesture of a suitcase takes on a whole other world of significance.

As Sarah says: “The suitcase is way more than just a bag on wheels. It means moving forward in their previously damaged lives. It means light and positivity and most of all hope. There is a strong sense of community on camp and when one person comes for a suitcase, it makes the whole camp get emotional to say goodbye.”

 Share a Suitcase flyer

Donation guidelines

Here are some guidelines to help you participate in the share-a-suitcase campaign (see guide above for donation instructions).

You can register to donate a suitcase here.


  • Large suitcases with wheels
  • Backpacks for kids

Donations with which to fill suitcases:

  • Women’s leggings (small / medium / large)
  • Sandals for men, women and children
  • Flip flops all sizes up to 46 (EU) / 11 (UK) / 12 US
  • Men’s sweatpants / joggers (skinny legs) (small / medium / large)
  • Men’s white vests / sleeveless shirts
  • Women’s scarves. Large oblong, plain and patterned
  • Face cream
  • Sun block
  • Women’s handbags
  • Belts for men
  • Belts for women
  • Shorts – below the knee for men (small / medium / large)
  • Children's colouring books and colours
  • Arabic books to start a library
  • Arabic films (DVDs) for men and women
  • Mr Bean DVDs


About Bridge2 – charity partner

Bridge2 was set up in 2005 by Sarah Griffith MBE. Struck by how relief efforts can often go awry for bureaucratic reasons, she created an agile team and process to help address the most pressing needs of people in disastrous situations. Since setting up Bridge2, the charity has used their no-nonsense approach to aid relief efforts in the aftermath of the tsunami in Sri Lanka, Nepal after the earthquake, as well as Calais, Greece and Paris during the refugee crisis. 


About Parcelly – lead logistics supplier

London-based Parcelly launched in 2014 and is the UK’s fastest growing network of on-demand parcel collection points, giving customers full control over where and when to collect their parcel deliveries. With 1000+ nationwide collection points, their aim is to make failed deliveries a thing of the past.