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We transform organisations and companies and help them unleash their sharing potential and deliver social and environmental value, making an important contribution to the planet and ensuring sustainability. 

The world is changing. Organisations need to adapt, transform and deliver social and environmental value, making a positive contribution to the planet. The People Who Share is here to help you make a difference.

Our services will make sure your organization can make that difference, delivering social impact and ensuring sustainability.

Consultancy – The Sharing Economy is a maze. We deliver bespoke know how to help you understand how you can be part of it and unleash your sharing potential. 

Events – Sharing Economy dinners, breakfast briefings and hosted events 

Knowledge – Masterclasses and workshops to enable sector knowledge, practical tools, unearth hidden value for people and planet and thought leadership credentials

Community & Network – Collaborate and partner with organisations to create social impact together. 

Insight – Research, reports on the social impact of the Sharing Economy

Spring Clean – Sharing audit to unleash hidden potential of spare resources and maximize their social impact.